Monday, February 6, 2012

Project: Redefining the Chair

Some motivation from other artists

I found the red chair above, that is walking, to be very intriguing. I enjoy the movement and awkwardness of the legs.. I also like the organic melting of the chairs, the oozyness is an edgy form that could be pushed a multitude of ways.

-Step 1, find a chair: antique mall $15.00

-wonder through Lowes to find the best supplies

                -Destroy seat and take apart entire chair

-Don't forget to smile this is the fun part

-reassemble pieces of the old chair to make new legs and seat

-use new wood to make horn like back rests

-Attach pieces 

        -next step, chicken wire cape base

-Attach chicken wire with staple gun
-cut a million burlap strips and dip in plaster like paper mache, cover entire chicken wire base

-prime, very important

-paint, paint again

-oh and one more coat of red paint

-stain wood, and complete!

Overall, I really enjoyed creating my chair. The project being to redefine the chair,  in my opinion was a success from my starting sketch. Would you know my piece was once a real chair? maybe, but it no longer functions as such. For, what was once a boring necessity is now living art. My piece is about the struggles and burdens (the red cape) that I and everyone faces, the legs are struggling to walk with such weight on its shoulders. The horns are the fight that everyone instinctually has to keep carrying onward through life's challenges.

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