Saturday, February 16, 2013

clay, rubber, wax, sprue!

50/50 to make the rubber

 the rubber mold once the clay has been removed and the wood frame
 wax melting to 120 degrease, then poured into the rubber mold
 The molds are sprayed with adhesive
 then tied with rubber tubing
 then buried in a sand pit
Lastly the wax is poured into the rubber mold to then let dry until a 1/4'' wax wall lines the interior. I then pour out the remaining wax back into the melting pot

 The clay ribs and sternum abstraction
 the piece is cut into four parts to be casted

 The wax spinal disk came out great on the third try

 To then make the sprue's, I had to use a plaster mold and pour in wax to create a thick wax channel for the bronze to flow
 wax sternum

 small part of the ribs, made with a simple silicone mold

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