Sunday, November 25, 2012

The creation of the pedestal

Precise measurements are key 

I am creating a stand for my bronze arm piece, roughly 35+ pounds, so this stand must be build right.

The stand frame is build from 1'' angle steel cut at 45 degree angles to create two precise rectangles. The rectangles will be enclosed with tempered 1/4'' glass, that I will fuse with a silicone binder. The glass box is 21.5'' X 12'' X 6''. The steel frame extends down from the box roughly 3' to the ground where I will install steel wheels on the end of each leg.

I had to re-make the steel frame boxes a couple times because they were not up to par. 
After the boxes are assembled to satisfaction, I grind down the welds so that the glass will lay evenly in the boxes. 

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