Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sculpture Studio, time to shine.

A new semester, a new goal. This semester I am finally in sculpture studio! I now get to plan and create  a body of work that I choose! My body of work is about perception. I struggle with an autoimmune disease, and want to show the two sides of how the world views me and how I see myself. I am doing so, by casting body parts such as my first work, the hand and part of the arm. I am keeping the top of the hand and arm "normal" and making the palm side abstracted with bones and tendons etc. emphasized. I am utilizing a mirror to reflect the underside of the hand/arm as how I am reflected as normal to the world, but in actuality I see myself as the abstracted side, full of pain and hardships. 

the clay hand below is a small model of how my final piece will be reflected

first, I sculpt the work out of clay

Secondly, I cut the hand into three parts. The arm is cut off at the wrist, and the curling finger is cut off. Then, a wooden rod is drilled through the bottom of the whit board and the clay part is stuck into, as seen below. This is done to the hand as well.

Next, I place more wooden rods to connect the fingers to the board allowing for air bubbles to be released.
The mold making process is next

The arm is molded with a blanket mold, just as I had done the Buddha before.

The hand part is broken into three parts, and has rubber poured directly onto the clay.

The finger, after breaking the clay trying to mold the same way as the arm, is glued back together and hot glued to the bottom of a bucket with rubber poured on top.
You can see here the hand's mold how it is in three sections
Then, wax is poured into the cleaned out rubber molds the make a wax copy of all three parts.

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