Monday, October 17, 2011

project head

Project head, my toughest challenge yet. My goal is to create at least six plaster heads just like the top clay piece. I am going to paint a different scene on each of the head's brains, my final concept is a celebration of diversity. I started by sculpting the head out of clay, then while still soft broke the head into six parts and separating the sections with metal plates. Which over lap and gaps sealed with duck tape. Then plaster was applied to a section, once dried, the metal plates where the section was complete were removed. I then make key holes to the plaster sides with a large drill bit, coated them with vaseline, and repeated the process until the entire head was concealed by plaster. Throughout the process my mold  continued to increase, something I wished I had paid more attention to, for in the end caused me extra work and elbow grease. After the mold was dry butter knives were chizled into the seams between the plaster sections in order to loosen and thus break apart the mold. That so far wasn't so bad. With the help of my teacher, I put back together the mold with rubber ties and poured plaster into the mold. Failure. Mold cracks, neck breaks off, a section of the mold is stuck to the head. Non the less, I am still working on fixing the kinds.

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